Tiram o véu para exercitar

June 13th 2015

For the first time a group of a women workout at a gym.
This real story takes place in Jerash, a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Atravessar África de moto: um “louco por ser nómada”

April 8th 2015

I met Elias in Cape Town. He drove his motorbike from Greece for more than one year and an half.
The journey is not over yet but this traveller has already one thousand stories about Africa and its people.
Travelling is food for his mind and Africa a continent for adventure.

Sal, no stress fora de Portas

January 18th 2014

A trip to Sal, one of the most turistic island in Cape Verde.
Discovering the meaning of Morabeza and speaking portuguese with the locals.

Todo o mundo cabe em Istambul

March 30th 2014

Discovering Istanbul! A city between Europe and Asia.

Na Capadócia, “Natureza” escreve-se com letra maiúscula

March 28th 2014

Discovering the magical Cappadocia and its Valleys.
Visiting the Göreme open air museum and wake up at 5 AM to board an hot air balloon.

Dos gatos de Ayasofya às cores do Grande Bazar

June 26th 2014

On the way to the Grand Bazaar and the spicy market we forget the maps in the backpack.
Let’s get wonderfully lost in this market made of imposing doors and long avenues.

Bósnia — a perfeita desconhecida!

March 28th 2014

Sarajevo is called the “European Jerusalem” because of the cocktail of cultures and religions that you can observe at Ferhadija’s street. On the east side are the Otoman period buildings and to the west the austro-hungarian ones.

A guerra já não mora aqui

March 28th 2014

Visiting Sarajevo is above of all not forgetting the war and its victims.
The Hope Tunnel and Gallery 11/07/95 are good examples.

Mostar, um postal quase perfeito

July 9th 2014

A train ride from Sarajevo to Mostar is well worth it.
The Old Bridge is one of the war symbols in Bosnia.
There you can see young men diving off the bridge to the river.

“Não faças o português”

April 9th 2014


There are many versions to explain the italian expression: “Fare il portoghese”, in english”Make the portuguese”.
For the past two years I’ve been living in Italy and thought the portuguese were considered people always willing get away without paying. Later I discovered the why.